Step into Jakes and you’re greeted with a bounty of farm-fresh vegetables and a menu of the day’s delicious offerings. Just-caught from the sea or harvested from the surrounding fields, we are a community of farmers and fishers and our cuisine reflects the freshest and best.

At every meal you’ll find an ever-changing menu, concocted by our chefs from the day’s catch and farmer’s picks. Breakfast features poached eggs on a bed of Jamaican callaloo (our version of spinach), mackerel rundown, ackee and saltfish and omelets stuffed with veggies. Among much more, lunch often presents a jerk burger, Rasta pasta and a salad with spicy arugula and feta. Dinner can be skewered grilled shrimp, lamb chops, pumpkin bisque and pepper steak. Stay a while and dine with variety.

Every round table is picturesque, situated around the pool and beside the beach, with tropically printed tablecloths breezing from the sea. Dine on.

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Party at Jakes Hotel, Jamaica
Dining at Jakes Hotel, Jamaica